Sexual harassment is a global issue rooted in exploitative power dynamics and patriarchy. It is often a misunderstood and taboo topic, with its deep and widespread impact invisible to many. To combat this, we need to spark a national conversation on sexual harassment. Building on the momentum of the #MeToo movement and #SexForGrades scandal that has recently come to the forefront from a BBC documentary, we are asking our friends, family, colleagues, and political leaders to take a critical look at sexual harassment at higher learning institutions in Kenya. When we, the students, come together and share our stories of sexual harassment and speak out on the issue we cannot be ignored. We have the power to demand change from our higher learning institutions and political leaders. Join the campaign and use the hashtag #CampusMeToo to amplify our collective voice!

Let’s fight this injustice!
Sign the 5 point petition: www.sdg-ambassadors.com/petition/